An Important Message for Students & Parents

The Hamilton County School District is pleased to continue its partnership with the Challenger Center of Tallahassee.  Although we are faced with many obstacles during these unprecedented times, our district is determined to continue providing students with meaningful and engaging lessons even as we move into the upcoming summer months.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Challenger Center team in collaboration with our Hamilton County School District Federal Programs Office, students will gain access to a variety of lessons incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics this summer.  These innovative "STEAM" activities will promote critical thinking while enhancing student creativity.  As we continue to provide instruction virtually, students will receive educational STEAM packets and will have access to all of the informative videos and resources provided on this webpage.  For more information regarding summer programs and packet availability, please contact the elementary school at 386-792-8000 or the high school at 386-792-8100.  For information regarding Zoom Meetings, please contact Ms. Susan Borland at [email protected].  Thank you for your time and for making a difference in our school and community.    

Challenger Learning Center STEAM Activities

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Challenger STEAM Activity: 2nd Grade

Ecosystems & Observations

2nd Grade Activity

Challenger STEAM Activity: 3rd Grade

Force & Motion

3rd Grade Activity

Challenger STEAM Activities: 4th Grade

Physical & Chemical Change

4th Grade Activity 2


4th Grade Activity 1

Challenger STEAM Activity: 5th Grade

Water Cycle in a Bag

5th Grade Activity

Challenger STEAM Activity: 6th Grade

Weather & Energy

6th Grade Activity

Challenger STEAM Activity: Middle School

Biome in a Bag

Middle School Activity