Administrative Services Staff

Assistant Superintendent/Director of Administrative Services
Philip H. Pinello
Tel: 386-792-7815
Administrative Assistant for Personnel
Julia Cooper
Tel: 386-792-7816

FRS Notice:

The Hamilton County School District is an FRS (Florida Retirement System) participating employer

If you are an FRS retiree and you return to work1 with an FRS participating employer:
Within 6 calendar months: Your retirement will be voided and you will be required to repay all the Pension Plan benefits you have received, including any DROP payout.
During calendar months 7 to 12: Your Pension Plan benefits will be suspended for each month you are employed during this period (you must notify the Division of Retirement of your employment).  If your benefits are not suspended timely, you and your employer will be required to repay benefits you should not have received.
After 12 calendar months: You will not be required to repay any prior benefits and you will continue receiving benefits from the Pension Plan without interruption.

1 - "work" includes a temporary, part-time, OPS, or regularly established position, regardless of whether it is an FRS-covered or non-covered position.  If you have any questions, please contact our payroll office at 792-7821.