Substitute Teachers, Bus Drivers, Custodians, and Food Service Assistants - The Hamilton County School District seeks qualified individuals to serve in these capacities. Interested individuals must submit the completed substitute packet to our Personnel Office. Click on the substitute packet link above for a full copy.  

Applicants must complete the fingerprinting process online at Please be prepared to pay the $49.25 fee by either credit/debit card.

Drug Screening is also a requirement for substitutes.  Please be prepared to pay the $25.00 fee by either cash, check, or money order (made payable to Hamilton County School District). 

We now offer online payment through this link- 

If you have any questions, please contact our Personnel Office at 386-792-7816.

Do Not Call Policy

When a substitute does not meet the requirements and standards set forth for them as substitutes, they may lose the right to be called by the schools/departments.

If substitutes do not perform as expected the school/department may request that the sub be placed on a DO NOT CALL list. If this happens, the substitute will be notified.

Please note, if two schools/departments request that a substitute not be called, the sub will be removed entirely from the substitute list and released as a substitute.

This unfortunate situation does occur from time to time AND is based on the need for all employees to be accountable for the safety, welfare, and academic achievement of district students. Also, a substitute may be dismissed for any single specific action that is determined to warrant dismissal by the Superintendent.