Last week, we were visited by Steve Carpenter and Glenn Davis from the Suwannee Forestry Center in Lake City.  Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Davis presented the Superintendent with a check for $34,640.27.  The payment reflected the distribution of the Twin Rivers State Forest receipts for fiscal year 2013-14.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services manages 36 state forests, and last year, the Department collected over $7 million from the operation of those forests, through the collection of recreation fees and the sale of timber. 

Ten counties that are home to the state's incoming-producing forests benefit from the operation of the forests.  These counties are deemed fiscally constrained and receive 15% of the gross receipts, in proportion to the acreage located in each county.  Based on 2013-14 gross receipts, the Department will distribute more than $370,000 to the various counties.