Hamilton County School District

Food and Nutrition Services Department request quotes for Humidity Control Services. Below are the requirements:

Provide filters as needed on the size of cooler/freezer and circumstances such as the frequency of door traffic to obtain an 80% or less humidity level and exchange them monthly for the following locations:

Hamilton County Elementary School – 5686 US Hwy 129 S, Jasper, FL 32052 – Cooler & Freezer

Hamilton County District Commodity Storage (Freezer) – 426 NW 15th Ave., Jasper, FL 32052 – Freezer ONLY

Hamilton County High School – 5683 US Highway 129 S, Jasper, FL 32052 – Cooler & Freezer

Post Humidity levels at time of services on Log placed on the door of units

Submit monthly work order to the Food and Nutrition Services Office

The terms of the agreement covers a one year period.

Please contact Ida Daniels, Food and Nutrition Services Director @ [email protected], 386.792.7805.